Black Tortoise Coffee Company is a veteran owned & operated coffee company who strives to bring premium roasted single origin and high caffeine coffees to you. We have put in the same focused energy and attitude that the Canadian military has instilled in us to bring you great service, also making sure to give the care and detail required to roasting amazing coffee. We currently ethically source our coffee beans from Brasil, Colombia and South East Asia. Our company is committed to supporting military veterans, first responders and Canadian athletes.

         The Black Tortoise Coffee Company team was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. The owners both met each other when they were partnered up during a deployment to Afghanistan in 2010, from there the friendship grew and years later they decided to come together to create Black Tortoise Coffee Company. They created the company from a love and passion they had for coffee. Even having travels based to coffee origin countries. We hope that our passion and care is reflected in our coffee for you.

Our Mission

          Black Tortoise Coffee Company's mission is to provide our customers fresh roast to order Single Origin coffees and High Caffeine blends. Black Tortoise Coffee beans are ethically and sustainably sourced directly from farms around the world.

Our Vision

           To create and promote premium, and high energy coffee beans to help coffee lovers conquer whatever life throws.